Meet the Team

Adam Steele Chief Learner (and loves coffee)

I wrote my first software using Apple Logo at the age of 8, though I ultimately found my passion in applying my hyper-caffeinated analytical approach to develop technical solutions for business operations. Nothing excites me more than listening to someone talk passionately about their business and then transforming that passion into a tangible strategy. When I’m not pondering the many ways to drive further success for myself and others, you can usually find me outdoors drinking in the beauty of life. Or quite often, just drinking coffee.

Rory Laitila Chief Builder (and frequent dancer)

I’m a passionate startup founder, developer and I like to build software systems and help companies get the most out of their software teams. I started my career in business and technology infrastructure, but over time I found my passion in software and business solutions that drive value for end users. I believe that open collaboration and the free exchange of ideas between people and companies is the future of commerce, and so I am proud to be a member at Start It Up Delaware, Delaware’s first co-working environment.

David Hemmat Talent Detective (and soccer pro)

I am an entrepreneur and software developer passionate about finding practical solutions to real world problems. I am constantly on the watch for needs that can be turned into business opportunities. I founded Blue Coding, a company dedicated to finding top development and design talent and matching it with software development teams in need of particular skills. As hobbies, I enjoy great music of all genres, hiking on weekends and playing soccer.

Community advisors

These talented folks help guide us, provide feedback and engage with the startup community.

Mac Nagaswami CEO – Carvertise

Nick Matarese Creative Director – The Barn Creative

Jay GreeneFounder - Jay Greene Photography

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