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Product Development Teams

"Itr8group has been a key extension of our in-house software resources, enabling us to get more work done, and get it done efficiently. They add great business value, and they are very transparent about what they do. It has been a great arrangement for Exam Master."

Matt BaderExam Master - CEO

What itr8 helps me accomplish:

  • Enables us to extend our internal software development resources so we can get more done
  • Provides excellent reporting so that we always know what's in the current workflow
  • Allows us to utilize a diverse talent team in a way that otherwise would be difficult for us to manage
  • itr8group aligns their activities and approach with our strategic objectives

Custom Apps for Business

"As our business grew, itr8group helped us find ways to handle the additional customers, streamline our processes, save time, and ultimately make us more successful. Best of all, many day to day processes which previously required hours of time are now handled with the click of a button"

Brett Werner Advanced Multimedia Solutions - CEO

How itr8 improved our business:

  • Improved our processes with software and automation
  • Helped us scale our operations and financials so we could support more customers
  • Analyzed our business and created custom reporting so we could get insight on our operations
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